What Do Your Food Requests Really Tell You?

There are studies that suggest that food cravings are a reaction to our emotions rather than a nutritional problem. When we don’t handle an emotion mentally or understand our emotions, most of us turn to food. Therefore, if you understand your longing, you can struggle with the emotion that caused it.

What do your food cravings tell you? Let’s have a look.

If you often crave sweet pastries such as cakes, cookies, and pies, experts say it is a sign of a person who works long hours and has a very difficult job. If you are not very happy in your work environment, you will be more likely to seek sweet relief when you get home.

People who crave really salty foods like potato chips are more relaxed, maybe a little lazy! This is because the more salt we have in our body, the more water is displaced, and the less water we have, the less active we are.

If you’re craving for starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, and rice, it could mean you need a hug. Starchy foods are delicious and make you feel full for a short time. When we need to relax, we may want to consume starch foods.

Do you sometimes crave crispy treats like crazy? Perhaps you have some suppressed feelings of anger or frustration that can be revealed by creating the loud crunching sounds of a good cookie.

Craving for chocolate can sometimes mean you just want to feel safe. Perhaps the best and most effective relaxing food of all time is the most delicious way to soothe after a hard day.

People who need caffeine too often are thought to have a nervous and irritable nature. Maybe you, too, often resort to caffeine to relieve your tension and relax?

Ice cream usually has a triple nostalgic connection with childhood. When you crave ice cream, perhaps you yearn for those seemingly endless summer holidays of your childhood.

A craving for excessive cheese can be a symptom of calcium deficiency. At the same time, wanting to consume cheese and dairy products too often can mean that you miss a touch of maternal love and the comfort that comes with it.