Top 5 Questions Women Are Most Worried About

Yeah yeah. All this time you have not been alone in the questions you have been asking yourself. All women have many questions after spending a long time with their lovers, maybe even when they are with them. What are these?

Does she like other women?

Of course. Although your self-esteem is high, he thinks about the possibility of other women. This is what most women fear most. If the eyes of the man next to you move to the right, question marks are flying in your mind, right? Don’t be afraid ladies. The more men seem so self-willed, the more they are attached to the woman they are with.

Why did he break up with his exes?

Here is the question that troubles most women. Unfortunately, this should not be questioned too much. But it will not be easy to put aside the whirling foxes in your mind. It should not be forgotten that men do not like to be questioned too much. If you question too much, you start to be unattractive, and this may even end your relationship after a while.

Where is our relationship going?

Let’s face it, the common question that every woman wonders in long-term relationships is “Is her intention with me serious? “Or” Is he thinking of marrying me? ” will be. Women often want to know what men think of the relationship. But men don’t like hearing these kinds of phrases that much. Let the man make promises to you about the future, even pretending that he wants to get married instead of you will be a factor that binds him even more to you.

Are you having a better time with your friends?

The biggest drawback of all women is that men are out with their boyfriends, especially in the evenings. Although there is a situation that causes signals in your mind, you should not make the other party feel this. When the man realizes that he is suspicious of him, he may want to get away from where he is, or even to put a minimum distance to ask questions. Remember that your place is always very different in him!

How was it?

Women especially want to know how they are in bed and whether they can please the man. So they often ask how they are and whether they can satisfy them. However, this is a very finishing and misleading question for a woman’s self-esteem. Have full confidence in yourself, let him ask you how it was!