Making Black Olive Brine

When the olive time comes, most of us start preparations to make pickled black olives at our own home. Once you do it, we are sure that you will not buy black olives from the market again and will always do it at home. This is exactly why we recommend that you pay attention to our recipe and especially its tips. Let’s first take a look at the recipe.

Black Olive Brine Ingredients:

1 kg of purple olives without blackening
1 tea glass of rock salt
1 cup of Turkish coffee grape vinegar
1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
1 tea glass of sunflower oil

How to Set Black Olive Brine?

First, let’s wash the black olives and weigh them on the kitchen scale to make sure they weigh 1 kg.
Then let’s put our olives in plastic pickle can or plastic bottle.
If we are preparing for 1 kg, let’s add 1 tea glass of rock salt, 1 Turkish coffee cup of grape vinegar and 1 tea glass of sunflower oil to our olives, and finally 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar and close the lid of the container tightly.
Then, let’s shake the can well first, and then let it mix well by tilting the can and moving it back and forth.
At this stage, we have completed the process of brine making the olives. We recommend that you preserve the pickled olives at room temperature during the holding phase.
Let’s repeat the process of tilting our canister and moving it back and forth every day. (You need to do this every day for the first 1-1.5 months.)
Our olives will be ready to be consumed 3 months after the date they are made. (This period can be extended up to 5 months depending on your taste.)

Tips of Pickled Black Olives

When you are pickling black olives, you need to do the rinsing process very well.

To make a nice pickling process for your black olives, you should add your ingredients exactly as given in our recipe.
You should make this movement, which resembles the process of rolling the dough back and forth with the roller, by tilting the canister for the first 1-1.5 months.

If you want to make more than 1 kilogram of olives, you should increase the measurements by the same proportion. For example as follows: For 2 kg of black olives, all dimensions should double. If you have 10 kg of black olives, you should increase the size of all the ingredients 10 times.

After making the olives and closing the lid, “Has it happened?” Do not constantly open and check by thinking that. If you do it open and close, you cannot obtain olives as you wish in terms of taste and consistency.