Keep Your Skin Young With Rose Oil Spray

While there are good things about traveling constantly, there are also disadvantages. If you are a mobile traveler and one of those who say I do not compromise on my skin care, I have a magic formula for you! With the rose oil spray that you can easily make at home, you will renew your skin and keep your skin healthy. If you are a person living in Istanbul then you will need this spray all the time. Because you will be on the road all day long. It’s time to pamper your skin, which is adversely affected by the stress of the city, traffic, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and carbon dioxide air. Freshness will come to your skin with the fragrance of rose. Moreover, thanks to this spray, your skin will breathe, revitalize and maintain its moisture balance. This mixture, which has an antioxidant effect and removes under-eye bruises, offers you a complex care. I have written for you the secret of the rose oil spray that you can do practically at an economical price.

Ingredients for the Rose Oil Spray:

1 tablespoon of rose oil
1 tablespoon of vitamin E
4 tablespoons of purified water
1 spray bottle

Rose Oil Spray Preparation:

Put all the ingredients in the spray bottle and close it tightly.

Shake the bottle well so that all the ingredients are mixed.

You can carry this spray with you throughout the day and use it whenever you want.