How Was Sofia Vergara Discovered?

Sofia Vergara is known as one of the stars of the popular comedy series Modern Family. But unlike her role in the series, she is an educated and intelligent woman who is quite successful in business.

She was a humble actress and TV host in her home city, Colombia, before she moved to the US and became famous. In fact, there is an inspiring story behind her transformation from a little high school girl to a world-famous star. Here is everything you want to know about the life of the beloved star …

Teased as a kid for being skinny

Vergara, who has five siblings and comes from a working-class family in Barranquilla, is known today for her sensual stance, but was the opposite during her childhood years. In an interview in 2011, the actress said that her nickname as a child was “toothpick”.

“A weak girl is of little value in my culture,” said Vergara. “So I was so scared, I was worried that I would never fill up all those gorgeous clothes my mom had. So I wouldn’t even wear a skirt because I thought it didn’t look good because I was so thin.”

Discovered on the beach

While many actors took years to audition and wait to be discovered, Vergara’s entry into the industry was a bit more unusual. The famous star, who was then in his senior year at a Catholic high school, was discovered by a photographer who wanted to take his picture while sunbathing on the beach.

The young star, who later received an advertisement offer from a famous brand, did not accept the offer because he was going to be expelled from school at first, but later accepted with the insistence of his mother and the swimsuit poses in the advertisement were talked a lot. Vergara was only 17 years old when the commercial was filmed and her life changed thanks to these poses that were not published until she graduated from high school.

He wanted to be a dentist

Vergara very much wanted to enter the healthcare field and entered the dentistry department. However, his quiet life started to move with his success in the entertainment industry. The rising star then dropped out of school.

Vergara may not have been a dentist, but she agrees that dental hygiene is still a top priority and she might be obsessed with it.

Married with childhood sweetheart

Fans probably know about Vergara’s marriage to actor Joe Manganiello, but what many do not realize is that this is not the first marriage of the Beautiful star. Vergara first married childhood sweetheart Joe Gonzalez at the age of 18, and her short-lived marriage ended when she was 21.

She was a single mother too

By the time of the divorce Vergara was a single mother with a young son named Manolo. She was only 20 years old when she gave birth. “I was really young when I divorced her father, so I raised her by trying to set the best example and do my best,” Vergara said in an interview of those years. she told in words.

At the same time a successful business woman

There is so much more to Vergara than her stunning looks and funny acting. She took her first step into the business world with the agency she founded in 1994 when she was in her early 20s. She prepared a lingerie collection in 2017. Vergara shares ten percent of net sales with initiatives aimed at helping women around the world start their own businesses.

“In countries with a lot of poverty, women are a very important force for the family. And sometimes they have to endure terrible things because they just don’t have the means to pack and leave. “I want to give something for him,” he said.

Managed to beat cancer

Vergara may seem like she lived a lucky life, but her life has not always been easy. The 28-year-old young actor was diagnosed with cancer. He later said, “When you come across something dramatic like cancer, you look at what’s important to you. I was lucky because among all cancers this was the curable one. It could have been much worse.

My son was very young, so I never mentioned the word ‘cancer’ to him. Because I didn’t want to create any horror or drama on him. “This positive attitude of Vergara definitely helps him, he said,” When you go through something like this, you are grateful for what you have and try not to dwell on what you don’t have. ”

He wasn’t aware of his charm until he came to America

You would think that a woman like Vergara would be aware of her beautiful appearance by just looking in the mirror, wherever she goes. But the beautiful star said that high heels, makeup and grooming are a natural routine for Latin America, and until she arrived in the US, she wasn’t aware of her own appeal.

Exercising regularly

Vergara works hard to stay healthy, but emphasizes that exercise is still important, even if it is challenging. Considering that Vergara still looks incredibly young, her workout routine clearly works.

No time for negative criticism

Vergara says she has no time for the constantly unhappy and critics. He also added that Latin women have been criticized a lot, adding, “This is how I am: I love to wear colorful dresses, patterns and shoes. I’m a sensual, intense, happy woman who wants to be inclusive, ”she says.