How to Make Eye Shadow Nail Polish?

You heard right from the eyeshadow, yes we will do nail polish! How Does? With a very easy method that I will describe below… You can turn unused eye shadows into shiny and eye-catching nail polishes and color your nails. With a very simple and practical method… You will need an ear litter, a powdered eye shadow, a small bowl and a polishing nail polish while you are doing it. If your nail polish is too thick and matte, you can find the perfect consistency by adding a bit of shine nail polish to the mix, and if it is too liquid, a bit of eye shadow. If you like to use stylish and different nail polishes, be sure to read this article and turn your nails into a painting.

Prepare all the ingredients. It would be much better if your eye shadow is mineral. Because the pigment texture of the mineral eye shadow is the thinnest.

2. First pour a tablespoon of eyeshadow into the bowl. Then add 25 to 30 drops of shine nail polish. Mix it with ear litter until it becomes a fluid and homogeneous consistency. To make it look nice on the nails, you need to have a liquid that has the consistency of a smooth nail polish.

3. Apply the nail polish you have obtained to your nails. If you do not want any paint left on the brush, you can wash it off. It will come off immediately with water.

Voila! Your gorgeous nails are ready! Everyone’s eyes will be on you with a nice combination …