How to Care Knee?

The knee area is one of the most worn parts of our body. This region is constantly tired as the body’s load is placed on it. Since there are no oil glands in this area, it also lacks moisture and is quite suitable for drying. Therefore, it may darken and its surface may harden. This image can also be disturbing. It is necessary to scrub the kneecaps routinely during bathing. Then moisturizing creams can be applied. After each shower, you can smooth the area with products such as body lotion and moisturizer. How to care for the knee I wrote for you.


The best solution for knee stiffness is to cleanse the dead skin by rubbing it gently with pumice stone in the bathroom and to apply vaseline type creams with high moisturizing properties to the area after bathing.

Young woman’s hand touching her knee during running time on footpath. Joint pain. Sporty problem and solution. Close up. Front view.


The items you use for knee care should contain urea and lactic acid. Also, the creams should contain salicylic acid so that the skin of your skin peels off and you have a smooth kneecap.


Crush two aspirin and mix it with water. Apply the paste-like mixture to your knees every day. Thus, you will be cleansed of dead skins.

Natural Oils

Massage on the knees after bathing with apricot oil or wheat germ oil will keep this area moist and soft.