How Does Turkish Coffee Affect Sports Performance?

Coffee is among the most consumed foods in the world. Coffee, which is a great snack for dieters, is also one of the saviors of those who exercise. Turkish coffee, which is the type of coffee with the highest caffeine ratio, has many benefits for sports training.

Coffee is a complex beverage containing more than a thousand chemical compounds, including carbohydrates, lipids, nitrogenous compounds, vitamins, minerals, alkaloids (caffeine) and phenolic compounds.

Turkish coffee, which is made of foam and grounds and cooked slowly in a pot, is among the most popular types of coffee. Turkish coffee, which is the only type of coffee served with its grounds, is considered to be the only coffee that can be boiled and drunk.

Will caffeine help you do your workouts more efficiently?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) states that moderate caffeine intake (400 mg) is safe in healthy adult individuals. This amount generally corresponds to 3-4 cups of coffee consumption per day.

The amount of caffeine in Turkish coffee is higher than other coffees due to its special preparation and cooking method. Moderate amounts of caffeine taken with Turkish coffee provide positive benefits such as alertness, feeling energetic, and increased motivation.

Recent studies have shown that caffeine can improve the time required to complete a certain distance, increase fatigue time, and also reduce muscle soreness in low-intensity exercise over prolonged periods, such as cycling or rowing.

In short-term, high-intensity exercises, caffeine can help maintain and improve short-distance sprinting and jumping performance. It is useful in activities such as football, and similar activities. The effect of caffeine occurs approximately 20 minutes after consumption.

As the body breaks down caffeine, the effects fade gradually. A cup of Turkish coffee that you consume before your sports training prevents your performance from falling by keeping your energy up during your workout due to its intense caffeine ratio.