How does Miranda Kerr stay beautiful?

World-renowned Australian model Miranda Kerr is always at the top of our list of inspiration, with her smooth looking skin, healthy hair, flawless body and natural style. It is possible to understand Kerr’s fondness for natural beauty from his organic skin care products brand. What are the reasons behind this flawless look of the famous model?

The first secret is the gua sha massage!

Miranda Kerr says she never, ever passes over her skincare step, her favorite time of the day is this care session. The model talks about massaging her skin with facial oil in the morning and evening, adding, “After applying my oil, I massage using gua sha heart stone. This process helps to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness while keeping my face tight. Also to relieve any stress or pain. I like to use the pointed end of my gua sha on the acupuncture points on my chest, neck and shoulders. ”

Skin care is first, makeup is second

The year 2020 has probably changed priorities for most of us in all aspects of life. Almost all of us look at beauty habits with a different perspective. In this period when we cannot leave the house and have to wear a mask, make-up was among our priorities. Correct and adequate skin care took the first place. The same goes for Miranda Kerr.

“I realized that this year I focused more on skincare than make-up. Having healthy, radiant skin is key for me and it makes me feel more confident. It is very important for me to follow my little skin care rituals in the morning and evening,” says the model.

Kerr’s focus on skincare before makeup goes back well before 2020. The famous model explains that she learned her most important lesson on this subject from her mother: “My mother taught me to be confident in her skin. She would tell me that if I do not moisturize well before applying make-up, it can exfoliate. Makeup fits much better when your skin is moist and plump.”

Combines sessions when he doesn’t have much time

Miranda Kerr is a busy woman who has three children and also started her own business. For this reason, sometimes it is not possible to devote time to himself every morning and evening. Kerr says she does multiple beauty sessions in these situations. “For example, in the morning, I apply my face wash gel and peeling mask in the shower. This saves me time and I don’t miss out on my skin care,” she says.

Turns childcare into sports

Miranda Kerr says she can’t imagine a life without sports. However, the model, who mentions that he sometimes cannot spare time for his exercises due to the intense pace, turns childcare into sports in such situations. “I try to move my body every day. I run around the kids. We also love to go for a walk as a family,” Kerr recalls.

She takes shelter in nature to get away from stress

This year, we’ve all experienced the stress to the deepest. The first recommendation of the experts in order to stay calm and get away from stress is to be in touch with nature. Miranda Kerr sees these advice, and at such moments she takes refuge in nature and says, “Whenever I feel stressed, I go out and step on the grass with bare feet. Touching the earthen chile immediately calms me down.”

Meditation is a must

“Meditation also helps me a lot; I do TM (transcendental meditation) or sometimes guided meditations. I try to meditate for at least 15 minutes every morning before the children wake up,” says Miranda Kerr, which really helps to clear the mind and make the day go easier.