Golden Rules of Makeup

Do we pay attention to our face proportion while applying makeup? Do we know our facial structure? Having trouble wearing makeup? I have written for you the makeup rules and makeup tricks accepted by experts. Here are tips on how to brighten the eye area, how to re-use your dry mascara, how to make your lips look smooth and pink, how to make your eyes look big and sexy, and effective eye makeup! If you follow these rules, you may be exposed to jealous looks with your bright and remarkable make-up!

Correct illumination of the eye emphasizes the charm and beauty of the eyes. If you apply illuminator to the places shown in the figure, your eyes will look bigger and your eyebrows look more shaped. You can use a white, cream or sparkling pearl color around the eyes where you first apply concealer.

2. Let’s confess! You get a wonderful mascara admiringly and it starts to dry after a few months. Dries up and deteriorates the appearance of your make-up in mascara. Your mascara will not spoil anymore! If you put two drops of eye drops into your mascara and mix them with a brush, your mascara will be even smoother than before.

3. Did you know that you can have smooth and soft lips with the care you take at home? First, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your lips. Leave it on for 10 minutes and brush your lips with a small toothbrush for children. You will see that the dead skin is exfoliated and you have a pink lip.

4. If you want your eyes to look big, use a white pencil for your eyes, not black. So you can have big and sexy eyes like Penelope Cruz.

5. If you want to achieve effective and eye-catching eyes, apply Eyeliner to the bottom of your eyelashes, not over your eyes and eyelashes. So you will have more pleasant looks.