Emily Ratajkowski’s Pregnant Style

Besides her identity as a model, actress and business woman, Emily Ratajkowski is also being talked about with her new style that she recently added to pregnancy.

The 29-year-old young model suits whatever she wears. Finally, Ratajkowski, who is displayed in a stylish autumn style, continues to make his different style speak again with his baggy jeans, white shirt that exposes the belly that highlights his pregnancy, and a camel jacket.

Street Style: Emily Ratajkowskiden Blazer Jacket Dressing LessonsStreet Style: Emily Ratajkowski Blazer Jacket Dressing Lessons
As a woman who writes powerful essays on the image of men and fashion designers, Emily doesn’t let motherhood affect her style, despite her upcoming birth. The famous model, whose preferences in clothing almost never change, prefers blouses with low-cut belly for every occasion. Just like before pregnancy; she same hair, earrings, slacks or tights and everything…