Eliminating Caesarean Scars Without Surgery

Motherhood is the most sacred state in the world. It is a miracle that Allah has bestowed upon people. Delivery is sometimes carried out by cesarean section. It is a cesarean operation. It is the surgical removal of the baby from the mother’s womb. In the meantime, a scar is formed in the area that was cut in the womb for the removal of the baby. This mark is the symbol of motherhood. However, the mother who wants to look more beautiful wants to get rid of the cesarean scars problem. It is possible to undergo surgery within these scars. However, it is possible to lighten or eliminate it with non-surgical methods.

Scars are sometimes barely noticeable, but sometimes they appear very distinct. In some people, it even heals in swelling and creates a bad appearance. More or less a scar occurs after the operation. Genetic factors are important in scar formation. The most important proof of this is that a different situation occurs in each person. Operations are performed with the same surgical equipment. However, a different situation occurs in each person. Scarring is a biological process that occurs in the person’s body during the wound healing process. Collagen tissue is important in scar formation. The scar, which shows itself in a color close to red that is different from the skin color and as raised, is called a hypertrophic scar. Sometimes swollen scars form from a bump. These scars are also called keloids. If the scar is too much, it is more correct to intervene with an aesthetic surgical procedure.

Some factors increase the occurrence of cesarean scars. Skin elasticity decreases, especially as age progresses. This situation causes a change in collagen balance and a decrease in adipose tissue. Healing of skin tissues takes longer due to this issue in older people and causes scarring to occur more prominently. Genetic factors also cause scarring to be more prominent, even scarring is more likely in some breeds. If the scar is deeper and larger, there is a possibility of more scarring.

In those who live an unhealthy life, scars heal later and appear more prominently. Scars of smokers and alcohol users heal later. In order to prevent such a situation, those who use cigarettes, alcohol and foods and drinks containing excessive caffeine should be more careful during the healing process of their wounds, and should stay away from such foods and beverages during this process. In addition, it is extremely important to have a healthy and balanced diet. Protein-rich products have an effect on the healing of scars. Drinking plenty of water has a positive effect on the collagen balance.

Post-Cesarean Care

It is extremely important in postoperative care. Infection of the wound causes scarring. For this reason, it is important to act in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations after surgery. It is also important not to gain weight during this period. Excessive weight gain will adversely affect wound healing. Those with diabetes and chronic diseases should try to balance their blood sugar during the healing period of wounds.

Caesarean scars are generally horizontal. Generally, it is not clear when wearing a swimsuit or a bikini. Because it remains at the bottom. But it still makes women unhappy. Because women want to be beautiful, they are willing to try many methods to get rid of them. There are those who seek remedy for surgery scars with herbal solutions. However, whatever is done should be approved by the doctor. Pork fat is important to prevent caesarean scars. In addition, the method of applying arugula water and arugula seeds also helps to heal the scars. Arugula seeds are applied by making a paste. Application of lemon is also beneficial. Red scars lighten as the lemon lightens the skin color. The aloe-vera plant also produces successful results in scars.