Easy Stuffed Meatballs Recipe

The recipe for kibbeh, also known as oruk or stuffed meatballs, is made from bulgur dough and stuffed with meat. It can be boiled or fried, if desired. So, how to make the easiest stuffed meatballs at home? Let’s talk about the tricks and learn all the details before moving on to the recipe!

Easy Stuffed Meatball Tips:

Put stale bread crumbs in the outer mortar so that the stuffed meatballs do not scatter during cooking. It will be better if you pass the stale bread through the rondo.
You should definitely use meatball bulgur in the outer mortar; otherwise, stuffed meatballs will be scattered.
Do not forget to add cinnamon to the recipe, it will leave a good taste.
Add the flour you will add while making the outer mixture of the stuffed meatballs after kneading the meatballs. Thus, it will be crispy while frying.
Dried onions should be chopped very small. You can add walnut kernels to the filling.
To shape stuffed meatballs easily, you should dip your hand in water or oil.

Stuffed Meatball Ingredients

For the dough recipe for stuffed meatballs;
2 cups fine bulgur (fine bulgur)
Semolina as much as 1 tea glass
More than half a liter of hot water
5 tablespoons of flour
1 egg
Black pepper, chili, salt

For stuffed meatballs;
Minced Meat (250 Gr)
2 onions
A tea glass of walnut kernel (ground)
Parsley, salt, pepper, chili pepper
Oil close to a tea glass

To fry;
Liquid oil

How to Make the Easiest Stuffed Meatballs Recipe?

First, let’s cut the onions into small pieces and fry them in oil.
Then add the ground beef and fry for another 5-10 minutes.
Add the spices and tomato paste to the minced meat and cook for 3 minutes, then turn off the stove.
Let’s add walnut kernels and parsley to the mortar with minced meat in the pan. After mixing a few rounds, let’s let the stuffed meatball stuffing cool down.
After preparing the filling, let’s start to make the dough. Let’s put the bulgur and semolina in a bowl for the dough.
Let’s soften the bulgur and semolina by adding hot water on it.
Let’s add the egg, flour, spices and pepper paste into the bulgur dough and knead it well. (You can wet your hand with water so that the dough does not stick to your hand while kneading.)
After the dough is ready, let’s explain how to give the easy kibbeh shape. Let’s lay stretch film on the counter.
Let’s put the tangerine-sized piece of dough on it, cover it with plastic wrap and open it with a roller. After opening the stuffed meatball dough, let’s remove the stretch film on it, put the stuffing and cover the stretch film again. (Make sure that the dough is covered well by shaping the edges as well.)
After preparing all the stuffed meatballs, you can fry them in deep oil or boil them in water.

Enjoy your meal.