Cool, Original and Remarkable: Zoë Kravitz

Being the daughter of American actress Lisa Bonet and rock legend Lenny Kravitz definitely means being the winner of the genetic beauty lottery! Zoë Kravitz is one of the fashion icons of recent years, adding his own interpretation to the style legacy of his parents, who are memorable with his styles. We examine Zoë Kravitz’s style behind the misty beauty and cool stance of Zoë Kravitz, who rose rapidly in her acting career.

If we were to summarize Zoë Kravitz’s style, the terms we would use would be bohemian and urban. The actress, who is so to say, master in combining bohemian style with urban pieces, does not know whether it is her braided hair or her stance, and she asks what she wears.

Using patterns boldly, Kravitz never strains the eye. The secret is to focus the patterns on one piece and to use solid colors for the rest of the combination. When the actor chooses colorful combinations, he usually takes the last shot with his bag and gets a remarkable harmony.

Who said that those who are not tall cannot wear long pieces! Zoë Kravitz is one of those who broke this mold in the most elegant way. The actress is 1.57 cm tall and wears long jackets, trench coats and coats wonderfully. Remember; It is not your height or weight that matters, but your posture! The secret to creating an original style is to ignore the patterns and find the one that suits you. Just like Zoë!

The most important style feature of Zoë Kravitz is our answer to whatever you say, “What is this!” The parts we will call will be extremely good for him. The famous actor really has this feature. We love it when we see the most shabby pieces on it that we would not even bother to buy, we say “even this is good”.

When you examine her interesting combinations, we see that each piece she chooses is designs that direct fashion on its own.

One of the most preferred pieces of Zoë Kravitz’s daily style is dresses. The actress, who loves mini dresses, completes her outfit with strappy bags, lots of jewelry and indispensable sunglasses.

We often see her with jeans as well as mini dresses. Zoë, who is very successful in adapting the ‘denim t-shirt’ style to herself, can complete her signature style with even a small change. Just like the scarf he wears around his neck and his boots that will not suit anyone else!

Another combination style Zoë Kravitz prefers most often is the skirts and long t-shirts he wears. She looks gorgeous with her shabby braided hair, right?

The actor manages to be the most interesting name on the red carpet. Zoë Kravitz, who captures a more bohemian style in her daily life, makes her femininity speak at the parties.

Transparent costumes, striking decollete and dazzling reds are among the combinations that you can see Zoë Kravitz often at invitations.