Causes Breast Sagging?

Breast sagging is a phenomenon that women do not like but is caused by physiological reasons.

Common reasons; big breasts is time and frequent weight gain and loss

Soft tissues make up the chest area. Being upright and lively is the filamentous structure between the breast tissue and the breast. With the advancement of age, loosening of the ligaments between the skin and breast begins and this loosening continues as sagging. Physiological events experienced over time prepare the ground for the formation of sagging. Common reasons are; Big breasts are time and frequent weight gain and loss.

Having large breasts: Weight is one of the factors that cause breast sagging. The bigger the breast, the lower it will sag with the effect of gravity it is exposed to. The skin of heavy and large breasts loosens and sags more easily.

Time: With the advancement of age, the tissues and ligaments in the body begin to loosen by decreasing. Since the threads that keep the chest upright are in the form of a tie, they become loose over time. However, over time, the breast tissue loses its elasticity. Loss of elasticity also causes sagging.

Frequent weight gain and loss: Breast tissues consist of fat. In the rapid weight gain cycle, sagging occurs in the breasts as a result of fat loss.

Smoking: The harmful substances contained in cigarettes damage the elastin protein in the skin, which provides flexibility. Damaged elastin protein cannot provide elasticity of the skin and causes sagging.

Genetic codes: The genetic codes transported affect the breast shape and size as well as the durability of the connective tissues.

Pregnancy: It is quite normal to experience sagging due to the swelling of the breasts and enlargement of the milk glands during and after pregnancy.

Excessive exposure to sunlight: Sun rays cause water and moisture loss in the skin over time. These abrasions cause aging and sagging of the skin.

Apart from these, reasons such as hormonal disorders and posture disorders can also cause sagging in the breasts.

Breast sagging cannot be prevented but can be slowed down

It is a normal process to see sagging in the body with advancing age. For this reason, sagging cannot be prevented, but can be slowed down. With weight control, sports habits that have become a life order, sagging can be carried forward to older ages. Contrary to popular belief, breast sagging cannot be prevented by the use of a bra. The benefit of using a bra is that the weight of the chest is given to the shoulders, not the chest muscle.

Surgical solutions for breast sagging

Breast sagging can cause serious psychological and health problems for some women. In such cases, breast lift (mastopexy) surgery is preferred. Thanks to the surgery, the sagging breasts are lifted. After the straightening surgery, which is an easy surgical method, the person can get the desired appearance.

Lifting operations can be performed with your own tissue by using vertical incisions or inverted “T” shaped incisions around the nipple in the shape of a lollipop around the nipple and under it, as well as with the help of a silicone breast prosthesis.

The operation takes 2-2.5 hours on average. Requires 1 day of hospitalization. It is possible to return to work and daily life within an average of 1 week. It is preferred to use special surgical bras for an average of 1 month.