Care Tips for Chapped Lips

Especially in winter, the moisture balance of our skin is disturbed, as it dries, it dries out and even our skin becomes exfoliated. Even if we keep moisturizing, our skin quickly returns to its original state. Oily skin is a bit more advantageous, but for dry skin, the winter months are therefore a complete disaster. Our facial skin has a thinner surface than other parts of our body. Therefore, our face and especially our lips become more dry and chapped. Sometimes it even becomes such that cracks can bleed and dry lips can become painful. To find a solution to this problem, we have researched and written for you the answer to the question of how to prevent lip cracks. Follow these suggestions and have pink, smooth, soft lips.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water will restore the moisture balance of your skin and lips. Considering that a large part of our body is made of water, we can say that water is the most natural moisturizer.

Brush Your Lips

First, soften your lips with a thick layer of Vaseline, then brush your lips with the help of a medium hard toothbrush. Thus, the dead skin will be removed and your lips will regain their old softness.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Keep your Lip Balm or lip balm in your bag at all times. If you keep your lips moist regularly, you will prevent them from cracking.

Don’t Lick Your Lips

When the lips are dry, the first thing we do instinctively is to lick our lips. But the salty nature of saliva irritates the lips more and causes them to dry more.

Eat Vegetables

Eating regularly and eating vegetables will also protect your skin against external factors and ensure you have a healthy skin. To get pink and soft lips, you should eat a vegetable diet.